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  • Highland Park, 18 Year Old, Viking Pride, Orkney, Scotland

    My eureka moment with Single Malt Whisky was Highland Park - I love the notes of of honey & heather which come across here, mingled with subtle notes of peat from the Orcadian turf. The 18 Year Old has wonderful flavour and considerable length and to my mind is one of the best value 18 Year Old expressions you can buy. It's consistently rated highly by Jim Murray in his annual whisky bible to boot.

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  • Teeling Whiskey Liquor Dubai

    Teeling Single Grain Whiskey, Ireland

    Being an Irish whiskey lover it's always good to find a great single grain expression as there aren't many to choose from. I think Teeling really made this special by aging in American wine casks. A delicious sweet taste of honey and apple with aromas of vanilla - I like to say its so smooth it's as if you are drinking milk. Some can find this whiskey fairly light but its also full of flavour and leaves a long lasting impression in the mouth. Best consumed with a drop of water or one ice cube

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  • Old Pulteney Spirits Liquor

    Old Pulteney, 17 Year Old, Highland, Scotland

    Probably the best 17 year old whisky in the world! I believe Old Pulteney 17 year old is the best dram out of the 12-21 year old range as it shows all the best elements from both; from the 12 year old you get the honey and cream and that faint salty note alongside sweet apples and pears and from the 21 year old you get that aged oaky note with a slight puff of smoke and fruit and spice all things nice and interestingly ozone from the sea spray that gently peppers the barrels from those coastal windy waters.

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  • Rich personality Pauillac with a good scent of tobacco, earth, fresh coffee, & blackberry on the perfumed nose. Firm tannin with ripe spice notes on finish. This has a great potential for aging and is a great food match for all types of big meat dishes & mushrooms.

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  • Bollinger Wines in Dubai

    Bollinger, Vieilles Vignes Françaises, 2005, Champagne

    This is easily one of the best champagnes that I have ever tasted - it is made from pre-phylloxera vines which are propagated by the unique layering method. Being made solely from the Pinot Noir varietal, it displays great structure, finesse and body. It has a perfumed nose of ripe red fruits as well as autolytic aromas of yoghurt and brioche. The texture of the wine is quite dense and the finish is very long and persistent.

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  • Mollydooker Liquor Dubai

    Mollydooker Carnival of Love, South Australia

    A powerful yet elegant Shiraz, the term being Aussie slang for a 'left hander" is a befitting name for the company as both Sarah & Sparky Marquis, the founders of the company are Mollydookers. With rich cherry, blackberry & plum jam fruit on nose, it offers a palate interwined with rich mocha, coffee & chocolate with traces of licorice & toffee. There is no doubt why its been named in Wine Spectators "Top ten wines in the world " thrice.

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  • Laphroaig calls itself "the most richly flavored of all Scotch whiskies" for a reason: Iodine, sea salt, seaweed, leather, pepper, chili, peat, fresh earth, dark chocolate, cocoa powder….all quite intense and edgy flavors that are surely not for the fainted hearted but for those who prefer a Single Malt that takes them on a journey to the rugged cliffs and stormy weathers of the Isle of Islay where this distillery is located. When indulging into this golden amber liquid you also understand why Laphroaig was the only Single Malt allowed to be exported to US during prohibition – due to its high phenolic content it fell under the category medicine. What I like about this release is that it combines Laphroaig’s signature characteristics with a sweet touch of butterscotch, milk toffee and an incredibly rich and creamy texture that reflects its maturation in Oloroso Sherry and Bourbon casks. Best drunk after about 20 minutes from a classic nosing glass.

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  • Nikka From the Barrel, 500ml, Japan

    This unique bottling of ‘From the Barrel’ is a blend of malt (from the Nikka Yoichi distillery) and grain (from the Nikka Miyagikyo distillery) whiskies that are hand selected, blended together and then reintroduced to a first-fill bourbon cask upon their marriage. The result is a blend that possesses a distinctive personality.Intense, round, and generous, this ambitious, powerful, controlled, high-alcohol blend is recognised for its originality. This is a bold whisky. It seizes you and seduces you. It asserts its own style.

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  • The first gin released by Suntory, the name "Roku" is Japanese for "Six" which refers to the six Japanese botanicals used. Cherry blossoms, cherry leaves, green tea (sencha), refined green tea (gyokuro), sanshō pepper, and yuzu are utilized along with eight other traditional gin botanicals. The label is printed with Japanese washi paper. Roku was released in Japan in July 2017 with a wider release expected later in the year. On the nose, the initial burst of yuzu is followed closely by buttery pastries and walnuts. Roku eases smoothly on to the palate delivering abundant citrus, butter, toffee, and a hint of juniper, which is joined by pepper to bring a satisfying, spicy finish. A very worthy "protagonist" of the Japanese gin movement.

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  • Sturdy aromas of licorice, black pepper and wild berry fruits are highly encouraging. In the mouth, high acidity is the dominant component, meaning this has long-term aging potential. Flavors of dried cheese, vanilla and chocolate come straight from the barrel, while balsamic berry, plum and currant notes carry over to a well-oaked finish.

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  • One of the first tasting I have had in Le Clos was Harlan Estate 2012 with Estate Director Don Weaver and I could tell you without a shadow of a doubt, I was blown away by the experience.It offers a gorgeous nose of blackberry and cassis, forest floor followed by deep opulent, majestic flavous with sweet tanins.This has massive agening potential. No wonder they call Harlan Estate as the Californian first growth.

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