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How To Secure Your Purchase

We have endeavored to provide a price guide for each wine with a key based on our best estimates. For more accurate and up to date information please consult our website where for your information.

We will be updating the website and sending out email notifications as and when the Châteaux release and allocating on request with payment terms discussed at the time. Please note that in the event of a wine being over-subscribed we will allocate it to our customers in as scrupulously fair away as possible according to the following criteria:

Previous En Primeur purchase – If you bought a Château on release in any of the last 3 vintages you are almost sure to be offered it this year upon request.

Buying “across the board” – It is obviously naive to think that we can source only the wines with the highest critic’s scores. We don’t get, for example, Lafite without buying other affiliated wines. We have to buy a range of wines from our negociant suppliers in Bordeaux and we cannot sell just the most highly rated wines on their own. Supporting us with balanced orders will help to secure an allocation of the most demanded wines.

Regular buyers – We will of course also try to give allocations of particular Châteaux to customers who buy them regularly throughout the year through our outlets.